Dr. Oz: 5 Best anti-aging secrets to look younger

Traci Gold, Staff Writer

The following are 5 secrets to looking younger that Dr. Oz reveals on a recent episode of his show:


1 – Retinol – millions of women swear by this as there have been decades of research on this product and its amazing effects.  Use it nightly as it will significantly reduce the signs of aging.  No prescription is needed as it can be purchased over the counter!

2 – Wear high heels – altitude is attitude!  We all know that really high heels are not good for your feet and knees, however, there are ways around this.  You can still strut your stuff in a nice pair of heels, just wear straps so that you don’t have as much pressure on your toes.  Also, wear heels that are under 2 1/2 inches and don’t wear them for more than 3 hours at a time.  Look great, but be smart!

3 – Never go to bed without washing your face.  It is essential to having younger and healthier looking skin.  Develop good cleansing habits and stick with them on a nightly basis.  Make it part of your bedtime routine no matter how tired you may be.  Otherwise, you will risk looking even more tired as it will show all over your face when your skin begins to sag.

4 – Use olive oil on your hair since it has lots of Vitamin E and antioxidants for healthy looking hair.  Just spray a little or put a dab on your palm and massage it through your hair for an amazing look and feel.

5 – Use concealer/corrector on your skin to instantly make you look not tired and get rid of those dark circles under your eyes.  This is great for active moms!




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